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Hello and welcome to 'The Pillbox', a community dedicated to World War Two inspired art, writing and icons!

We welcome and encourage all types of art - yaoi (slash), dark, digital, photography, poems, writing, fan art from movies, fashion design, icons and whatever else you like! However, it must be related to WW2, such as: uniforms, portraits, characatures, uniforms, 40s fashion, anime, weapon design, furries,  comics, animated icons, uniforms, etc. We also accept art from movies and TV shows set in, or themed around WW2 (ex: Downfall, Indiana Jones, The Producers, Hogan's Heros etc).

:skullbones: Nazi related/themed art is accepted and encouraged, but remember that DeviantArt does not allow any anti-semitic art.:skullbones:

Just wanted to welcome the scores of new members - we hope to see some great art from you!
I also want to remind members and guests to our gallery that:


It is disrespectful to the artists and against DevArt's rules.

7.12.06 :gallery:
Wow, lots of new members! Thanks for joining and submitting art! Just a note to members and guests to go to the ORIGINAL LINK for comments and :+fav: ! Members submitting art to our gallery may want to disable commenting.

:spotlight-left:WE HAVE A NEW RPG:… :spotlight-right:

:bookdiva:~~To Join~~:bookdiva:
:bulletpurple:Send us a NOTE, (don't just leave us a message!) requesting joinage, and you shall soon recieve a reply with instructions on how to submit your art to our gallery.

:bulletpurple:When you submit your art, you may wish to provide a link to the original piece on your own gallery for comments and favs. Also remember to turn off the comment option!

:bulletpurple:Don't forget to watch us!

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